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Welcome to Phone247!

If you are in search for the best contract phone deal but bad credit gets in your way of getting one, you’ve come to the right place! Our trusted service has helped thousands of customers, so we are confident that we can bring you in touch with the hottest bad credit phone deals in the UK market. To get started, just fill in our online form and get your instant FREE quote!

There are many good reasons to opt for a mobile phone contract. For one, it allows you to use the services at your own satisfaction, without worrying that you might run out of credits. It also lets you take advantage of cheaper tariffs than pay as you go, and allows you to make subsidized payments for your chosen handset. However, when you have bad credit, getting approved for a contract phone is no easy task. We understand this difficulty you might be faced with and are here to offer trusted, proven, and most importantly, FREE solutions that you would not find anywhere else.


Who We Are?

Phone247 is your leading resource of bad credit mobile phone deals and services. Our website offers FREE comparison service so you can have the perfect contract phone right at your fingertips, and at the same time FREE advice and recommendations that will help you become more successful in your search for a hassle-free mobile contract.

If you came here looking for guaranteed or no credit check mobile phones, we are sorry to inform you that those deals do not really exist, and no one, not even us, should promise you a guaranteed contract phone. No credit check offers are simply unbelievable because companies will always perform some sort of credit check that no one can bypass. What we do, however, is show you which deals are likely to approve for your particular credit situation based from our studies and customer feedbacks.

In addition, we have compiled the following tips that will help you get the perfect bad credit mobile phone contract in no time.

Do not Pick High-End Gadgets

Traditionally, the most expensive gadgets are the ones which are the most difficult to qualify for, even for people with good credit. Thus, if you have bad credit, you are basically taking a huge risk if you apply for a high-end phone, and you most likely won’t qualify anyway. Most of the time, your success will be determined by the type of handset you choose.

Prepare Security Deposit

Security deposit aims to limit the provider’s risk and is also a good way to reflect your seriousness in the contract. The amount of deposit may depend on the model you’re trying to apply for, so be sure to prepare a substantial amount if you are aiming for a specific device.

Have a Cosigner

Your cosigner or guarantor is the person who will take full responsibility of your actions, and ideally this person should have good credit in order to gain the provider’s approval. In case you default on your payments, your carrier can go after your cosigner, so make sure to hold on to your end of the bargain.


Check out Sim-Only Contracts

Because there’s no gadget and thus less risk involved, network providers are naturally more willing to offer sim-only contracts for customers with not much impressive credit. If you’re still happy with your current phone, then a sim-only deal is your perfect alternative to a regular phone contract which does not only increase your chances of approval but your savings as well.
UK’s major network providers including T-Mobile, Three, Virgin Mobile, Vodafone, and O2 offer sim-only plans that are catered specifically for people with bad credit. There are a number of reasons why you would want a sim-only offer aside from the fact that it is easier to qualify for. A sim-only contract allows you to keep your existing handset and number. Sim-only contracts are more flexible, giving you the freedom to choose between three to six months contract, or even a 30-day rolling contract for you to test the service. They also have cheaper rates of mobile services compared to a standard mobile contract, and you can take advantage of even more savings by signing up under a twelve-month contract.

Repair Your Credit Easily

Sure there are ways to get around bad credit and still manage to get a mobile phone contract, but you should never overlook the importance of your credit score. With good credit, you can be eligible for much better deals and won’t even need our services in the future!

A good place to start would be your credit report. Make sure to check it regularly for errors such as name misspellings, missing accounts, or accounts incorrectly named after you. Even the most minor errors can cause a significant score drop, so be sure to have them fixed immediately.

Also don’t forget to have your name registered on the electoral roll. It won’t boost your credit rating per se, but having your permanent address listed makes you a more worthy candidate whenever trying to apply for loan or utility service.

Make sure to keep your balances in check, ideally within 10% to 30% of your credit limit. Maxing out your credit limits can hurt your credit badly, so be sure to keep your balances low, and as much as possible, pay them off in full every time.

Most importantly, be timely in paying your bills. How you make on time payments make up the most of your credit so doing this simple thing can boost your credit rating that much faster.

You may also consider delaying your application for a mobile phone contract or other types of credit until you’ve taken appropriate measures to rebuild your credit. Make sure to space out your applications if you really needed to apply because too many credit inquiries can further ruin your credit. If you managed to qualify for a contract mobile phone, take this as a very good opportunity to improve your credit score by paying your dues timely and diligently.

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