Why should I apply with your company?

Instead of applying on your own, we highly recommend you use our service to find the perfect bad credit mobile phone contract. We have one of the highest approval rates and this is because of our proven and trusted relationships with the best network providers in the market, and our never-ending search for customer feedbacks that will guide you to offers that you will most likely qualify for.

Am I promised a mobile phone contract?

No one, not even us can promise you 100% guaranteed contract mobile phone because each company assesses the level of customer risk differently, and that is something we don’t have any control over. But through the years, we have studied how various offers have approved for customers of different credit types, and what we do is show you the deals with the highest rate of acceptance for your particular situation. This means that no matter how worse your financial situation currently is, we do our very best not to let you walk away empty handed.

Should I apply for the newest phone in the market?

While there’s no stopping you from applying for any phone that you like, we recommend that you stay away from newer and higher-end gadgets. Network providers basically employ stricter credit check measures for these phones, and with your bad credit situation, applying for these handsets is a long shot. We advise that you rather stick with the models with the highest chances of success, since you can always upgrade for a better phone in the future after you’ve proven your worth.

Can I keep my number?

Of course! Mobile networks understand the hassle it brings when you have to change your number, so they’ve found a way to port your old number even if you decide to get a new phone or switch networks.

Can I keep my old handset?

Yes! In fact, if you’re not in a hurry to replace your old device, it would be a better idea to keep it and apply for a sim-only contract instead. Sim-only offers are a cheaper way to enjoy the benefits of postpaid, and since there are no phone costs to recover by the provider, a sim-only contract allows you to qualify more easily. In addition, as you prove yourself responsible with making on-time payments, it can help boost your credit rating so you can upgrade to a better deal and better phone in the future.

How much do you charge for using your service?

You don’t have to pay anything for using our service, nor does it require you to commit to us. We search for the hottest bad credit mobile phone deals in the market and present them to you free of charge! We only request for your contact details so that we can send you your FREE quote, but we will never contact you or share your personal details without your permission.

What if I encounter problems with the networks’ services?

We can help you with almost anything regarding bad credit mobile phone contracts, but once you’ve secured a deal and have experienced some technical difficulties, you can use the provider’s support page found on their official website.

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